reveal.js Setup Error - FIX

Error: Node Sass does not yet support your current environment: OS X 64-bit with Unsupported runtime (88)

I've recently been intrigued by reveal.js , an open source HTML presentation framework, and decided to use it for an ongoing project.

It's really easy to get up and running, however I did run in to an issue with node-sass, a dependency of gulp-sass after using the recommended setup method, so here is my fix...

  1. Install Node.js (10.0.0 or later)

  2. Clone the reveal.js repository

    $ git clone
  3. Move to the reveal.js folder and install dependencies

    $ cd reveal.js && npm install
  4. Replace node-sass with sass

    $ npm uninstall node-sass && npm install sass
  5. Update gulpSass.compiler prop to sass in node_modules/gulp-sass/index.js:166

    gulpSass.compiler = require('sass');
  6. There should no longer be errors when you serve the presentation and monitor source files for changes using

    $ npm start
  7. Open localhost:8000 to view your presentation

Hopefully, this issue wont be about for much longer, as there is already an open PR for gulp-sass to use sass instead.

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