New Year. New Me?

Coding has always been of interest to me, and a couple of days ago I decided to commit the #100DaysOfCode challenge, and blog about my progress and experiences. Today, Friday 1st January 2021, is day one.


During the days of 56k dialup internet, I was fascinated with pulling apart website code and using what I found to create my own useless sites. I also tinkered around with Visual Basic, which led me to starting a Computer Programming course at college.

After half a term, I decided to quit the course because "I had already learned what was being taught" from reading Visual Basic's help manual. I switched to a course in Acting and, although I met some great people, still regret the decision to switch courses.

After my 3 years in college, I "fell in" to a career of Graphic Design, which has been mainly focused on design for print, with the odd bit of Web Design thrown in.

That odd bit of Web Design has always been my favourite part, so creating Wordpress websites for friends and family became a bit of a sideline for me.

Nitty Gritty

Fast forward to 2020, I lost my steady design job due to COVID-19 (Thankfully, I quickly found another job as a "Digital Designer / Developer"), and thanks to working from home, opportunity arose to complete online courses for Javascript, React, and Gatsby, all with the intention of eventually pursuing Frontend Development as a full-time career.

The next logical step was to put all that I've learned into practice, so the challenge has already begun on converting one of my Wordpress websites over to Gatsby.

One of my downfalls is wanting everything to be perfect, and I quite often get underway and then wonder if what I'm doing is "the" way to do something – so will go into a cycle of searching Google for best practice, then refactoring or even starting from scratch!

On one of the Google searches, I discovered Tailwind CSS, so have opted to pair this with Gatsby, removing all of my previous SCSS modules! For now, I'm happy.

Which brings me to...


As a husband, and father to two young daughters, it's hard to find the time needed to make any progress on my projects, so I am now publicly committing to at least 1 hour of code per day, for the next 100 days.

Day One

One of the "rules" is that I should Tweet my progress. I decided that I would take it one step further and blog about it too – perhaps a silly decision for someone who is already struggling for time?!

I have spent my hour of code (it has definitely been longer than an hour!) today trying to sort the DNS settings for my domain – pointing to my Hashnode blog. Whilst I am not sure that is code per se, I am counting it as Day One of the challenge.

After a number of unsuccessful attempts, and lots of redirect errors using GoDaddy's DNS, I moved over to Cloudflare and had much better luck. Although it wasn't smooth sailing, thanks to this tip, I believe I am now up and running (at least for the blogging side of things).


I have started the #100DaysOfCode challenge. Today I have been trying to sort my DNS records out, and I am counting it as day one, so there.

Have you taken the #100DaysOfCode challenge? or are you currently underway? It would be great to hear your experiences.

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